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The Teacher

At the age of 14, it was a choice between becoming a farmer or a teacher. Perhaps due to pragmatism, I chose the latter.

I signed up for teaching right after graduation and was subsequently trained to teach Geography and English. My introduction to peers then was that Geography was the passion while English, the obligation.

Since then, I've been working at the same college since 2006. The Integrated Programme, coupled with my specialisation in Geography meant I was the only teacher to teach both the Integrated Humanities and Integrated Sciences. It wasn't unusual for me to teach a bit of Chemistry, Physics, Economics and History within an academic year.

Aside from Geography, I had to take Project Work - a subject which is still a mystery to many. The first months teaching Project Work was dreadful not knowing what had to be taught or learnt. Thankfully, a few months later, I had an epiphany and Project Work became the subject I love so much. It would have replaced Geography if not for the loyalty towards the latter.

My professional history is somewhat off the beaten track. There was never a set curriculum or syllabus to follow. Even Project Work, a national examination, had no content or concept that had to be delivered. As a result, the questions and problems left little option but to go beyond the usual teaching strategies.

Today, I teach students how to think as a Specialized Subject Tutor for Project Work. As an ICT mentor, I help other teachers organize their thoughts to integrate ICT meaningfully and effectively to improve student learning. This site is a repository of my thoughts and actions as a teacher, plus a little more.

The Person

My keen interest in photography started with macrophotography. In particular, insects and spiders. Since then, I've moved on to photojournalism since no one really cares much for the long march of the termites or the huntsman spider in repose. I'm also an Aikidoka and recently took up pumping on longboards. 

A list of my other interests include:

  • aquagardening
  • cycling
  • fishing
  • fish breeding
    (discus, angelfish, guppies & dwarf gouramies)
  • graphic design

The Blog

Being a teacher means having to learn continuously. This is my attempt to keep a journal of the experiences and lessons learnt along the way. Otherwise, the knowledge and understanding gained gets lost and it's rather painful and foolish having to relearn all over again.

Keeping a journal often feels like solitary therapy. Hopefully, writing to an intangible audience will make it less awkward. Another reason is to use this as a means to connect with a community of like-minded people. Unlike other vocations, a teacher is obligated to grow in the heart, soul and mind. There are very few professions that demand as such. Therefore, this blog might seem disorganized and messy. It's about teaching and learning, about books and journals, about quotes and philosophies, about decisions and experiences. But that's the life of a teacher, plus a little more.