Keep your heart with all vigilance,

for from it flow the springs of life.

Financial Independence

Personally, I think financial independence is more than just getting money, more than having living a life; it's having the freedom to give and contribute to others. Financial freedom means being able to contribute more at work because instead of working from fear or pressure of annual appraisals, it's the freedom to remain true to the organisation's mission, vision and values. 

As a husband, father and son, financial independence is a responsibility too. At the very least, being able to provide for my family so that they can grow up without having to worry for themselves, or for me at the very least.

What I hope financial independence won't change is humility and charity. It doesn't make sense that the more I make, the more I want. Rather, it's important to keep the needs and wants simple so that I'm free to give myself to my family, work, and community. That will be a real challenge.

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