In the ontological spectrum of Man, Animal sits opposite that of Angel. Formulating the ideal education of man requires an investigation into the differences between man and animal. Is the difference in kind or in degree? 

It is surprising that Angel - with its inclusion in the syntopicon a surprise - should not only be relevant, but a fundamental idea in education. It reveals our ontological understanding, assumptions and ideals of what it means to be human: what does it mean to be a human being? Consequently, our philosophy of education and its purpose is directed by it. 

It's tempting to think that the problems in education are also unique to education. I found it interesting that many companies have paid the price for focusing on the technology instead of the people. The lesson for us in education: It isn't about the tools, it's the people - students, teachers and parents. 

Grant Wiggins & Blogging

Recently, I stumbled upon Grant Wiggins (Understanding by Design) blog on Twitter and it is his blog that I aspire for mine to become.

Firstly, his blog is clearly a reflection journal where he pens his thoughts, reflections and opinions. Most blogs I've seen are a record of what a particular teacher did and how it worked. There might be some thoughts at the end but it isn't the focus of the post.