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Ananth Pai

Mindshift is one of the few educational blogs I follow as it is quite like a good quality digest. It's a good place to get started on what's worth knowing in the education sphere. Recently, it featured a video on Ananth Pai and how he uses ICT to great effect in the classroom. 

In my opinion, Ananth is perhaps the epitome of what the teacher of today ought to be. What is most impressive about Ananth is that he is able to come up with individualized learning plans for each of his students. I wished the program would provide some insight as to how he diagnoses, intervenes, plans, monitor and assess every student. It is something I'll be devoting some of the year-end holidays to think about.

The woolly nature of Project Work as a discipline that demands in equal amounts, both theoretical and practical knowledge; divergent and convergent thinking, leaves the tutor with little else but the fundamental principles in reading, writing, thinking and decision-making - all of which have to apply to groups heading in opposite directions with equally diverse approaches. This is what makes Project Work the most suitable subject to design and implement individualised learning and action plans specific to each group and student. Success here is likely to precipitate a basic framework that can be applied to most, if not all, subjects in college.

In the meantime, I hope to get in touch with Ananth Pai and learn more from him directly. If you have suggestions on questions I ought to ask or would like to hop on the bandwagon, please leave them in the comments or pop over a message with a carrier pigeon.

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